As one can recognize from the title, this should be a most awesome page about the most excellent adventures of a couple of two not too tightly wrapped dudes. Together we hope to be able to offer people a visual, read all about it, or real adventure every now and again, and, with support and participation, hope to be able to dream up enough ‘most excellent adventures’ to keep even the most jaded dreamers interested………


Tequila Mike and San Miguel Sean, the dastardly duo with their daring exploits of derring do!

Both seasoned travellers, they have united, as fate has decreed, to assist people with a sense of adventure and, possibly danger, to pursue their dreams, to achieve the things they didn’t believe they could.

Tequila Mike

A seasoned traveller with experience around the World, travelling for 30 years and with knowledge of the seas, roads, deserts and ice that have appeared in front of him on his long route to middle age! A dreamer who likes to make them happen.


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San Miguel Sean

Another World traveller, honorary European, fishing guru and with experience of life from Russia to Africa, from America to the Far East. Sean brings a more realistic streak to the partnership, with the ability and resources to pull all the small details together to create the ‘possible’ dream.



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